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"Kaia Van Zandt is more than a brilliant copy writer. She is a mission-aligning, game-changing superstar. In the span of three years, she has helped us grow from 5,000 members and an income stream of zero, to a 450,000 member, 7-figure organization that's out to change the food world. She's helped us hone our strategy, our service, and our message.

She gets our mission and helps us manifest it with high integrity - and high performance. And the greatest gift she's given me is to help me find my voice. She's not just an outstanding strategist and communicator, she's also an extraordinary teacher. I can't wait for her course, because frankly, the world needs more of what Kaia brings."

Ocean Robbins
Ocean Robbins Co-founder & CEO, The food Revolution Network
Ever stared at a blank computer screen in agony as you wonder how the heck to write about your services?
Or felt like there’s a much bigger audience out there for you… but you’re not sure what to say to attract them?
Or wondered what the exact right copy
is that will get customers ringing the
cash register in your business?
If you want to help more people, make a difference with your business, and
make lots of money doing it
— you’re in the right place.
A Message from Kaia

Copywriting is a frustrating process for many people. So, if that’s you, I want to reassure you, you’re not alone.

It can be really daunting and disappointing to realize that you created your business to help the world, and your messaging isn’t coming across or you aren’t seeing the sales of your dreams (yet).

I’d like to help you succeed.

Copywriting is the #1 way to increase sales in your business.

My name is Kaia, and I’m the founder of Fat Cat Copy. I’ve been the number one senior copywriter for conscious business owners and personal development leaders for over a decade now.

I’ve helped my clients make millions of dollars in sales, as well as help them achieve national and international bestseller status on both Amazon and the N.Y. Times bestseller lists.

It breaks my heart when I see business owners put everything they have into their businesses, and then experience loss and confusion when it doesn’t work out.

Very often, the reason behind both success AND failure is all in the language. If you know the right words to use, you will succeed. And if you don’t know the right words… you’re bailing water on a sinking ship.

After seeing how hard it can be for entrepreneurs to articulate their message and translate that into the sales they deserve, I created a powerful and easy online copywriting course.

The Fat Cat Copy Course is designed to help you increase engagement and get the sales—from customers who love you for life.

I imagine you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to guilt trip people into buying from you.

With the skills I’ll teach you, you’ll never have to. I specialize in the “heart sell” approach of copywriting.

That’s why I created the Fat Cat Copy Course. Because the world needs your voice now, more than ever.

And you need the sales that will support your mission!

Discover the Most Effective Copywriting Best Practices for Your Online Business In:
  • Launches
  • Emails
  • Autoresponders
  • Sales Pages
  • Opt In Pages
  • Webinars
  • Training Videos
  • Drip & Nurture Sequences
  • And a whole lot more!

My career as a copywriter has been really successful—all because of my “heart sell” technique that I’ll share with you. As the founder of Fat Cat Copy I’ve had the pleasure of serving great thought leaders and best-selling authors like:

Marci Shimoff, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Hasmark Services, Michael Beckwith, John and Ocean Robbins, HeartMath Institute, Dr. Mark Hyman, Spiritual Cinema Circle, Joe Polish, EFT Universe, Well.Org and more.

And my copy has made my clients
millions of dollars.







I’d love to teach you the strategies and techniques I’ve learned over a decade of writing copy for these powerful leaders, and put it to work for you and your business!

But maybe you’re not sure if you even need a copywriting course.

Many entrepreneurs write their own copy, so maybe you can, too, right?

Lots of folks make assumptions about how copywriting is easy. (“I got an ‘A’ in my English class 30 years ago so I’m sure I got this.”)

But here’s what I’ve seen when even the most educated people take copywriting into their own hands without instruction:


The Top 5
Biggest Copywriting Mistakes

1) Using formal language that speaks to a stadium of people.

“Hey everybody! When you sign up for our program you will achieve maximum success!” Ick. Formal is the foe of friendly. There’s no “everybody” online—in emails or videos. That kind of language turns people off.

2) You talk about yourself too much.

“Read my amazing book! Take my amazing course! Here’s a picture of me with 10 presidents so you know everything I do is the best!” Oops. You’re really here to help solve a problem for someone else. Make it about them.

3) You blindly prioritize the wrong stuff.

Like selling something in every email, which only irritates people instead of enamoring them to your brand. (Unsubscribe!) Or focusing too much on the technical features of your product, which doesn’t convey enough promise or benefits to your customers.

4) You use negative sales trigger words.

Words like “buy”, “sales”, “purchase” and “deal” are forbidden from your copywriting vocabulary because they repel sales and get you flagged as spam. And there’s more where those came from (which I cover in the course in more detail).

5) Your emails and web pages are improperly formatted.

The paragraphs are so long there’s no white space. The links are so far down the page that no one will ever see them. The font is so small that you lose anyone over the age of 50 immediately. You don’t know how to use your “Above the Fold” real estate so no one scrolls.


Take 60% OFF course registration with the coupon code: fatcatspecial

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You know that old Chinese proverb about the best time to plant a tree?

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
But the second best time is now.

So right now is the BEST possible time for you to start learning copywriting. Why?

Copywriting is the #1 way to generate sales.

More than graphics, more than web page design, more than any ecommerce platform.
Copy is what sells. Period. It’s ubiquitous.

Learning copywriting will save you time (and money) lost on trial and error because:

  • You’ll know the words that INTRIGUE people. (Remember you have only about 4 seconds to grab your customer’s attention online.)
  • You use the right language that MOTIVATES people to buy. (So they don’t click back to Facebook where you lose them forever.)
  • You make a lasting CONNECTION with a reader that leads to years of future sales.

“I was shocked after I spent $50,000 and two years with 7 different ‘experts’ as I built two exceptional, fully automated, online programs --that nobody wanted to buy. It was like I built two incredibly powerful rockets with no ignition before I met Kaia. She lovingly taught me how to ignite those rockets – and my conversion rates soared from 5% to 53%. I can’t express the joy (and even a little guilt) with how well I finally now know my customer’s buying language. Thanks Kaia!”

James Stith
James Stith Founder, Blue Phoenix, Louisville, KY

“So, sensei— once again, I wanted to express my gratitude for your expertise and insight on the sales script for Right Book Right Now. Your input allowed me to see what I was missing and take this to a level that just wouldn’t have been possible without the benefit of someone who’s been doing this at the highest levels of the business for more than a decade. I might have been able to come up with something 90% as good on my own— but it would have taken me years of struggling; by going through your course and implementing what you teach, I’ve now got a way to really move the needle and get people to take a course that I KNOW will change their lives for the better… 🙂 “

Scott Hoffman
Scott Hoffman Founder Folio Literary Agency, Right Book Right Now, New York, NY
There are 2 ways to fix bad copy, by the way.

The first way is pretty expensive. Want to hear it?

WAY #1: You can hire a copywriter.

Is that worth it to you?

Sure, maybe. If you already have a major online business with a dominant presence (think Amazon, Yelp or insert your unicorn), and you’re ready to boost your sales in a massive way, go for it!

A copywriter should be part of your staff in that case. And you’ll pay a hefty 6-figures for that person to be in charge of your messaging because they will make you a fortune.

But for most people that’s a LUXURY not a necessity.

Let me tell you a secret:

Most of the successful millionaire Internet marketers I know write their own copy.

Why? Because they want to be the one with their finger on the trigger of their messaging.

They don’t want to lose any sales and they know that copy is the #1 reason people buy—or don’t buy.

They would never trust someone else with a job so important as writing the copy.

So, what if you don’t have those resources, and you really want to hit the mark on those online sales for yourself?

WAY #2: Learn to do it yourself.

Don’t worry! Even if you’re a writing phobe, it’s totally possible.

Let me prove it:

Did you send an email this week?

To your mom or friend even?

Then you GOT this. Really.

Once you understand the copywriting secrets I will share with you, getting more sales can be as easy as writing an email to your mom.

So, why do words sell, Kaia?

Great question! I’m so glad you asked.

Here’s why: Your words convey the promise of your product or service.


It now takes an average of 11 impressions online before someone decides to buy from you.

That number used to be 7 a few years ago.

Yeah, guess what, it will only go UP as floods of information keep hitting your prospects.

That means it’s only going to get harder to sell them.

So you need to learn the words that create connection with your future customers so that they buy from you once, and after they have a great experience with you and your product, they buy from you again.

Let’s look at the most important question of your online business.



How Do You Get The Sales?

If you can’t answer this question, you won’t have a business for very long.

Well, I want your brand to succeed big time! Because I want to hear all about the lives you’ve transformed, the difference you’ve made, and the impact you’ve created as you serve people.

Here’s the secret:

Getting sales is actually easy if you know the language that conveys and provides one thing to your customer: VALUE.

If you write in such a way that you help people, teach people, give to them, and make them laugh or cry—you’ve provided value.

When you provide fantastic value, people buy from you.

Remember, people are lonely. They’re lost. They’re confused about how to find happiness. They’ve got all these awful problems.

Many of them genuinely need the help you provide them.
But if you can’t communicate that to them – they won’t buy from you. You’ll have missed an opportunity to serve them. And it hurts both of you in the end.

So, copywriting is this kickass ninja skillset in creating connection and providing value – which results in sales, and helps you reach your audience.

ninja-silhouette-image-9That’s how I like to look at it, anyways. I’ve spent an entire year putting together everything I know and everything I’ve learned into one online course. Just for you. I mean, I’m super committed to you here.

I’m a single mom, so I created this course for you in those wee hours when most people are asleep, watching T.V, or going to parties. That’s how determined I am to help you and serve you well!

Introducing The Fat Cat Copywriting Course

In this course I reveal the 50 BEST PRACTICES I’ve learned and developed over my career.

I take you through over 100 writing exercises that will sharpen your quill (and keyboard), and polish your copy at a professional level.

Plus there’s downloads and bonuses designed to take you to the very top of your industry.

You can’t find this information in any book or other online course.

It was an organic process over 10+ years for me to learn everything I teach you.

And let me tell you, it’s ALL here for you.

What's inside ?

unnamed (18)

The Fat Cat Copy Course is 4 modules,
and learn at your own pace.

The robust modules include top-notch teaching, exercises and challenges.
Plus you get access to me and the other students inside our Private Facebook Group!

MODULE 1: Relationship

  • Copywriting Overview
  • Heart Sell vs. Hard Sell
  • Convey your Mission
  • Design Your Avatar
  • Emotional Language
  • The Glamour of Grammar
  • Creating a Relationship and Why it Matters
  • Subject Lines that Rock
  • Challenges!

MODULE 2: 50 Best Practices of Internet Copywriting

  • Online Syntax & Formatting
  • Basics & Tone
  • Improving Open Rates
  • The Big Book of Content
  • Pivot to the Sale
  • Challenges!

MODULE 3: Optimization

  • How to Run a Conclusive Email Test
  • How to Split Test your Headlines
  • Improving open rates (and how to get a 90.5% open rate!)
  • The 4 reasons people sign up for email
  • How to overcome customer objections
  • Writing to List Segmentation
  • What metrics you need to know as a copywriter
  • How to write for mobile readers
  • When to schedule your broadcasts
  • BONUS! How to save a Word document properly so you can always find it

MODULE 4: Implementation

  • How to write copy for:
    Nurture Strings
    Video Sales Letter campaigns (VSL series)
    Miss You Migrations and Drip Sequences
  • Swipe copy tutorial
  • How to script a webinar for sales
  • Opt in pages & Sales Pages
  • Example Emails
  • BONUS! The one email you should never send

As part of your course, you get unlimited access to me! As your teacher I’m committed to being there to answer all your questions, review your copy and help you become a better writer.

Inside our private Facebook group you’ll be able to upload all your files and receive my comments as well as receive the guidance from your fellow “Fat Catters” in our community.

This means you get private instruction from me with my head on your messaging as part of this course. No other copywriting programs out there offer this kind of support and instructor access for this low price.

You’ll be part of a collaborative learning environment to help you achieve all your business goals—and that’s true for both online businesses and brick and mortar, because copy is central to all you share about your value.

I’m excited to support you in our community, so come join us!

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What makes the Fat Cat Copy
Course different?


I really think it’s this distinction I mentioned earlier:

--Heart Sell Copywriting vs. Hard Sell Copywriting--

I get profound results as what I call a “heart sell” copywriter.

In fact, I’ve seen that you can get 10 TIMES the number of sales with writing that creates connection (heart sell), vs. the fear-based tactics (hard sell) that get the one time sale and fail to create a customer for life.


Because anyone will buy once because they got scared into a purchase with a “hard sell”.

But only the “heart sell” copy approach creates loyal customers who LOVE you and buy from you over and over.


I would LOVE to take the guesswork out of this for you. This course will literally save you years in trial and error, and investments in weekend trainings that don’t even go this deep.

"The Fat Cat Copy course was completely enlightening! I own a boutique acupuncture practice where personal connection to my clients is everything. All that Kaia taught will help me maintain that personal connection when I am not face to face with my clientele. I finally feel confident enough to start a newsletter. Thank you, Kaia! I'm so appreciative of your help!"

Carmen Navarro, L.Ac.
Carmen Navarro, L.Ac. AcuSanctuary, Pacific Palisades, CA

Thing is, if you don’t get this right, your online business will not only suffer, it may even capsize.

That’s not hyperbole, unfortunately. I’ve seen it happen plenty.

I really want to help you skip over the painful learning process I’ve seen some of my friends and colleagues endure. Thing is:

You don’t get tons of chances to get it right with your audience.

If you get the copywriting wrong, they have a magic button to get rid of you called: UNSUBSCRIBE.

How scary is that button to your business?

Yeah, exactly. I know. It’s freaking TERRIFYING. It means you’ll never get to help that person ever again.

Plus every unsubscribe is a potential loss of thousands of dollars in lifetime customer value. Not your ideal scenario.

Can you prevent that?

Yes. How? By finessing your language so you attract your ideal customers, serve them well, and they will buy from you again and again.

If someone isn’t your ideal customer, no worries! You don’t want them anyway. Throw them back in the pond.

That said, let me mention one more thing here:

This Course is Not For You If:

  • You hate writing
  • You don’t have time to commit to the improvement of your results
  • You would rather learn copywriting from a book and receive no personal guidance or feedback along the way
  • You prefer to struggle for the next few years as you figure it out yourself
  • You don’t understand that investing in your education is investing in your business
With me, copywriting will be FUN (not something you dread).

You’ll get to enjoy serving your audience with a good feeling in your heart (instead of an ick). You’re going to learn copywriting at a university level of education, made simple enough that you can execute on it from day 1. And you’re going to enjoy seeing more money flowing through your business because of your new skillset (hopefully big money!)

I would argue that learning copywriting is the SINGLE best investment you can make in your business.

You will save money on hiring copywriters as you increase your revenue from the copy you write! When you write copy with me the Fat Cat Copy way, catching that mouse is easy. It’s just one click away. I’ll see you inside!


You will get Instant Access to

  • Members Only Online
    Training Portal

  • Weekly Downloads of Course Materials

  • Video Tutorials
    with Kaia

  • The Fat Cat Copy Private
    Facebook group

  • Lifetime Access
    to this Course

  • Bonus Materials, Cheat Sheets, Challenges & Copy Samples

money_back_guarantee You can have it all at no risk.

You’ve got my 30-Day Guarantee. If you don’t like this course & it doesn’t work for you, no problem! We gotcha covered, and we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

TOTAL VALUE $2497.00

Take 60% OFF course registration with the coupon code: fatcatspecial

Your Investment with today’s Coupon Code:
Just $397

The cool part? Your course is 100% digital and won't create any more plastic or paper waste that pollutes the planet. This means that you're actually helping the environment while helping yourself & your business.

After ordering you will go through a 2 step registration process inside the course portal where you will:

  1. Create your username and password
  2. Go through the checkout with your payment

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow does it work, Kaia?

    A: This is an online course. That means you can log in and study the modules anytime, and anywhere you enjoy an Internet connection

  • q-iconWhat’s an online course?

    It’s a great way to engage in teachings and a global community of fellow students from the comfort of your own home! So relax, put on your pajamas, pour yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy not having to get in your car to go anywhere!

  • q-iconWhat’s included?

    Lifetime access to the course, all the improvements I make on it over the years, and all the materials. Plus you also get access to our private Fat Cat Copy Facebook Group where you can get feedback on all your copy. You also get unlimited email access to me as your instructor.

  • q-iconHow long does it take?

    You decide. The shortest amount of time I recommend taking with the course is 30 days. Most students finish in 4-12 weeks. The modules will unlock for you as you go.

  • q-iconIs there technical support?

    Absolutely. We are sure you’re well taken care of. If you’ve never done anything like this before, rest assured, our team is here for you and you can email us 24-7.

  • q-iconIs the teaching live?

    While the teaching is not live, Kaia interacts with all students inside the Facebook Group on a regular basis. She also does interviews, livecasts, and new training videos that are made available to you at no extra cost during your lifetime membership.

  • q-iconWhy is it called the “Fat Cat” Copy Course?

    Kaia named the course after her very own beautiful fat cat, ZeeZee Bug! ZeeZee (a seal point Birman rescue, for you cat lovers who know your breeds) has been a loyal and adorably pudgy copywriting lap companion.

    Plus the double entendre is playful about how fat cats are wealthy individuals. Kaia intends that this course make you a fat cat, too!

unnamed (2)

“The Fat Cat Copywriting course is excellent - the whole course and material is very in-depth and comprehensive, and Kaia Van Zandt has a natural way of teaching how to write copy in a relaxed and simplified way that is easy to understand.

Since participating in her course, I've learned how to write marketing content that not only engages and entertains my readers, but also leads to higher open rates, click rates and sales! Results so far have been very impressive! I’ve seen massive improvements in my engagement rates and open rates.

I would quite simply say that you, or your business, can’t afford NOT to sign up for the Fat Cat Copy Course, because if you put Kaia’s methods to good use then your business will grow and benefit!”

Diane Currie Sam
Diane Currie Sam Be A Better Story Marketing Group, Vancouver, BC

“Kaia’s Van Zandt’s Fat Cat Copy course is brilliant!  Kaia takes you directly to the gold mine of how online business success is actually created.

You get 20-20 insight, amazing tools, & a ton of examples. And she makes it fun and easy without any fluff. Kaia is not only a genius copywriter but there's genius in her ability to teach and unlock her amazing secrets!

Her crystal clear ideas just keep coming. And she's always got your bottom line in view. There isn’t an easier, more fun or powerful course to take in order to increase your sales - and dramatically! We’re excited to put into practice everything we’ve learned.”

Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck
Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck Co-authors, teachers, speakers, Solana Beach, CA


For over a decade, Kaia’s consulting and copywriting have put millions of dollars in the pockets of her clients, as well as help them achieve national and international bestseller status on both Amazon and the N.Y. Times bestseller lists.

Kaia is a widely known and well-respected digital marketing strategist and senior copywriter for personal development leaders, life coaches, online experts and conscious business owners. Her services get big results with a “heart” sell, vs. a “hard” sell, which her clients love!

She got her start with internet marketing legend Eben Pagan, and her clients include Mary Morrissey, Marci Shimoff, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Hasmark Services, Michael Beckwith, John and Ocean Robbins, HeartMath Institute, Spiritual Cinema Circle, Joe Polish, EFT Universe, Well.Org and many more.

She created the Fat Cat Copy Course to empower entrepreneurs (like you) to succeed in online sales as they save the world.

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